Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I don't want to write about Boston. So I won't. Kind of.

"What happened to innocence? I liked NOT being terrified of every public event. I like thinking that something terrible wouldn't or really couldn't happen. I hate having my country being compared to terrorized Middle Eastern countries. I miss the childhood innocence I once felt about the world. My prayers go out to those hurt and injured in the Boston Mass Marathon Bombing. And, this may seem out of place, but my prayers go even stronger out to those who committed this terrible crime. I pray for healing of everyone involved. Mental, physical, and emotional healing for all." 
- Cayla (my 18 year old daughter's Facebook status last night.)

What happened to innocence? My answer couldn't be any better than this my baby... We are leaving Eden. I too, want to walk toward hope, not hopelessness.

There is hope. Read your own words my beautiful daughter. You didn't even know you needed to be afraid, terrified even. You were walking in the innocent belief that you were safe. I'm so sorry that it turns out you're not. 

There is innocence in your public prayer for the victims of this crime, it's even more evident in your prayers for those who committed this atrocity. That you can choose to act in love and show compassion for those least deserving of it, is in the true spirit of Jesus. Jesus never advocated hatred. He never advocated violence. He spoke of love and mercy and redemption. Your heart, in the midst of what has made the nation so angry, reflects him. I am so proud of you. Keep loving baby, even when it hurts, even when it's "out of place" even when it makes no sense and angers those around you. The innocence you seek is inside your own self. It's in your ability to be merciful and kind when it is undeserved.

Today I learned a lesson in compassion and mercy from my daughter. Along with all those people who rushed TOWARD the explosion, TOWARD the danger, to help their fellow humans, my kid gave me a little hope for humanity today.

My kids blow my mind on a daily basis. Today was Cayla's turn.


  1. All this wisdom and heart coming from an 18 year old. Incredible. If there were more people like her around, our world would be a better place. She really is a symbol of hope for our future. Compassion, mercy, and above all else, love. You've raised an amazing daughter, Traci. She has your heart.

    1. She has an even better heart than I do. She's a pretty cool kid. She is very strong-willed and she knows what she believes. I'm proud of her that she applies it so well! I'm definitely blessed. My kids are amazing people.

  2. Disasters like this bring more people together against those who try to instil fear in everyone. Yes, we ought to also pray that every attempt to devastate others by murdering them, back-fires and they get caught beforehand. Cayla had a good idea to pray for them, because not many think this way especially at 18 yrs old.

    My condolences go out to everyone affected. Will I support the London Marathon in a few days, YES, with vigilance but without fear.

    1. Hey RPD! Glad to see you here! I'm going to be praying for all you peeps across the pond. I'm praying for safety and a good time for all involved. We can't be bound by fear so I'm very glad to know you won't let this mess stop you from doing what you would have done anyway. Have fun, be safe, and thanks for stopping by.